10 Content marketing tips for digital marketers

10 Content Marketing Tips for Beginning Marketers

Content Marketers are the online media warriors who create the best content to the right kind of audience to ensure the best results possible. Having said that, each of these warriors constantly struggles to craft their strategy to attract the attention of their targeted segment. A below-par content marketing strategy is like going into the top gear without knowing the roadmap. This usually ends up like a road to nowhere. If you want to win this war, you need to adhere to the below mentioned 10 point checklist with useful tips which will not just help you create an effective online marketing strategy but also one of the highest brand recall.

1. Create Audience Persona – Your audience has their own likes, dislikes, age group, income group, interests, and many other traits. You can not create a buzz without touching their pain points. E.g. A Hotel may many its different types of customers from different backgrounds like a business person, a corporate travel manager, a couple organizing a wedding, an event planner taking care of his clients, and a family on a vacation. As they all have different income levels, different tech know-how,  different level of understanding, different likes and dislikes and hence have different needs, different questions, and will need different answers. One size fits all solutions won’t do. Are you prepared?

2. Keyword Finalization – Identify those words which your target audience will be typing to find or know about your type of services)Use AdWords tool, talk to people, brainstorm with your own team, do competitor analyses.

3. On-Page Optimization – Don’t overlook the basics like the use of keywords in titles, URL, body text, interlinking, image alt tags, and so on.  Also, optimize future content creation in accordance with these keywords.
4. Content Creation – Creating content as per the interest of your audience is essential that too in various forms like blog, infographic, ppt, ebook, survey/poll report, interview, video, images,  newsletter, webinar, case study, qna,  press releases and so on. Decide the frequency, make a calendar. Create content that gets talked about, creates ripples, evergreen, and timely posts on an existing hot issue. Drive emotions. People buy emotions. It influences their buying decision. Educate your customers. Address their issues. Build your brand. Retain your customers. Get new leads. Promote offers/discounts.
5. Decide your social media sites – Not every social media is for you. Decide which one are  best for you and what will you do there i.e. Define objective
6. Analyze what kind of content is popular on which kind of sites – Create content according to them.  Before that get friendly with their system, identify the influencers, build a relationship, ask them, and observe what kind of content will become a hit. Create it with a blend of you know, your relevance, and the interests of your audience. Will appear daunting in the starting but slowly you will get used to it.
7. Genuine participation – in other blogs and forums via guest posts or comments. Don’t be afraid. Join conversations. Engage. Have fun. Join social media groups around your theme. Share your promotional stuff and anything interesting from the net too. Keep it neutral.
8. Decide Call to action –  What do you want your visitors to do after they visit your site. Create compelling/interesting enough to get a click, call to actions better incentivize it.
9. Decide landing page (short and simple). Maintain consistency in design and imagery.
10. Once you have done these, all that is left to be done is  – Analyze – what is working and what is not. Moreover, don’t just remain content with what is working. Check, Whatever is working,  is it worth it? Make multiple goals, attach economic value to it, calculate ROI.
Hope all this brings a sea change in your strategy and brings more profit and success.


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