why is SEO important

Why Is Search Engine Optimization Important

Despite repeated attacks on the search engine optimization industry, from across the verticals, SEO is very much in business and will remain so. What Google and other webspam specialists are doing is separating the weed from the chaff, which was long overdue. SEO is the science of knowing what your target audience will think and type while searching for your product or service and how can you effectively can be found for those terms in the minimum number of clicks.


Why will SEO continue to remain relevant:

1. As more and more sites are coming into operation, it is getting increasingly tough to appear for your keywords. You need an expert search engine optimizer for that.

2. SEO has evolved from just being search engine specific to become user experience specific and offers whole sole online marketing solutions.
3. You don’t run a website just to showcase it as a trophy, you want it to work as hard as you do, to gain more business. You need a search engine optimizer to analyze and suggest what is going wrong and how can it be corrected.
In short, the benefits of search engine optimization can be summed as:
  • Increase in web traffic
  • Increase in targeted traffic
  • Better engagement
  • More conversion
  • Reduce the spending on Online Paid advertising
Now that you know why SEO is important, let’s get started. The big question everyone faces is – How do we get to know what the visitor is thinking and even if we get to know it, how do we make sure that our website appears for those keywords in the Google top 10.
The first way to find those magical keywords is to think like a buyer, ask a few buyers, use tools like Google Adwords keywords tools and to make sure that you appear for those keywords, optimize your page according to your desired keywords and try to get some high-quality backlinks.
Off late many on-page and link building tactics have come under the scanner and Google has issued updates after updates to make sure a clean, nonbiased, nonmanipulative ecosystem is formed wherein websites who indulge in over-optimization and artificial link building gets penalized and those with natural links and optimized in accordance to Google’s terms are conditioned are rewarded.
So what exactly is required to be done? Here are some specific tips to help you combat Google’s tough algorithm and appear high in search engines for your keywords:

1. Create Responsive design websites –  Websites made in Responsive web design are easy to navigate and deliver an optimal viewing experience

2. Less load time – Today’s user is impatient, he would hardly wait for a second or two to see your stuff. Make sure your website loads before they click the back button out of impatience. Check your page load issues here and work on those things which are slowing down your page load speed.
3. Impressive content – Create Content that should be compelling enough to be shared, talked about, or to be linked as a citation.
4. Optimize – Optimize your meta, headers tags, interlinks, as per the keywords you want to rank for in accordance with Google’s guidelines.
5. Review and Revise – Keep a track of your progress with the help of Google analytic and keep looking for areas of improvement.
Happy Optimization.
fundamental pillars of search engine optimization

7 Fundamental Pillars of Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimizers may appear like snake oil charmers to many, however, the truth of the matter is they are still those guys who can help you reach on top because even now there are many things which a regular webmaster may not be aware of or capable of. From the SEO point of view, they need to be aware of some fundamentals so that their client is able to extract the best possible rankings for their keywords. Let’s start our checklist of seven basic search engine optimization fundamentals.

fundamental pillars of search engine optimization

1. Use the right keywords in the right places like title, h1 tag, and URL. Make a list of all the possible keywords with the help of keyword tools, self-research, and client’s input. Then decide which one to be used based on competitiveness and place them in the right places so that Google is able to index your site by those keywords in the appropriate categories.

2. Silo your website i.e. cut the flab. Remove all the unnecessary code which is increasing your load time, remove all the old content which has not been refreshed in ages. Replace it with smart code and content.

3. Use evergreen content which will not lose its value with time. In addition to it, do not underestimate the importance of the seasonal content as well. Seasonal content can give unimaginable traffic in short spurts, whereas evergreen content will always ensure the supply of minimum desired visitors.

4. Leverage the importance of social media. Go after the targeted audience, the masses, and the influencers. The priority should be building the relationship. I repeat, create trust, and make a place for your acceptability. Not in your wildest dream send any spam to them. That would be the biggest blunder of your SEO career.

5. Build an Email list. Capture your own audience. Entice them, educate them, and entertain them. Your email subscribers will lay the foundation stone of your success. They could be your potential customers. Nurture them, if they love you, you will become the Lord of your niche, if not, you will continue to struggle.

6. Keep your website updated: Not for nothing, the “The query deserves freshness’ is regarded as an important signal in terms of keyword ranking. Keep auditing your content, code, and design on a periodic basis.

7. Keep learning: The world of online promotion is changing at a breakneck speed. Even now when you are reading this, there are lots of new stuff happening in unknown corners of the world which you might not be aware of. Subscribe to important blogs, news feeds, keep an eye on all the important happenings of the SEO world. Stay updated to stay ahead of the curve.

If an SEO adheres to the above-mentioned fundamentals, his/her clients will never have to worry about their search engine ranking ever again.